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Retail - Ghost Pepper - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion

Product image 1Retail - Ghost Pepper - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion
Product image 2Retail - Ghost Pepper - Roasted Garlic - Toasted Onion

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Sweet Roasted Garlic and the subtle smokiness of the Toasted Onion pair perfectly with the notorious heat from the Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia). This delicious, salt-free blend pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. Any recipe needing a big flavor and chile-heat boost will benefit, especially when the onions and garlic have a chance to mix with hot oil and partially re-constitute. Our favorite ways to use this blend have been pan seared chicken thighs, scrambled eggs, almost any instant pot recipe, and especially starchy dishes like cacio e pepe, mac&cheese and mashed potatoes. 


Mike & Matt

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