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Retail - BBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky

Product image 1Retail - BBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky
Product image 2Retail - BBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky
Product image 3Retail - BBQ RUB - Dark&Smoky

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Dark and Smoky has always been one of our most popular pepper blends, and we've received so much feedback from customers telling us how that blend has been an essential addition to their other BBQ rubs. So, we've decided to create our own! 

But we couldn't just make another BBQ rub. We wanted to make something great, something special that is on-par with the high quality, clean ingredients of our pepper flake blends. We spent a lot of time looking at other BBQ rubs, and decided we had to do things our way:

- No Salt or Sugar - We personally love both salt and sugar. But they're also the cheapest, most available ingredients out there, and often used as filler in BBQ rubs. It's always bothered us to buy a spice blend only to find salt and sugar being one of the first ingredients, while all of the good stuff is barely even in there! Everyone has salt and sugar laying around, so please feel free to add it to your own taste. We only want to sell the good stuff! 

- Heat and Flavor Using Chile Peppers - No surprise here, but our main goal is still to show you how much flavor and heat chile peppers can have. Many of the "spicy" BBQ rubs we saw out there had "Red Pepper Flakes" or other listed as the 3rd or 4th ingredient. That's weak. Chile peppers are at the top of our ingredients list. This BBQ Rub includes Chipotle, Ancho, Habanero, and Smoked Ghost. Need we say more? It averages 50k-70k on the Scoville heat scale. The same flavors AND heat you've come to love in our Dark & Smoky pepper flake blend, with a smidge of Smoked Ghost added in. 

- Delicious Supporting Ingredients - We wanted to showcase some great tasting and unique supporting ingredients that truly help complement and elevate the peppers listed above. Toasted Onion, Roasted Garlic, and Smoked Paprika are a great addition to the smokiness of the Chipotle and Smoked Ghost, and we've added a little bit of Thyme to help add some earthiness to the mix.  

This BBQ rub is great on just about any protein. Smoked brisket, BBQ chicken, and blackened salmon are some of our favorites. 

We're super excited, and would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to continue to share our peppers with you. Please reach out if you have any feedback, comments, anything, we'd love to hear from you. 

Mike and Matt

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